Christina M. Hinke

 Entertainment Stories

  1. Book: (Q&A) Interview with photographer Randee St. Nicholas for the book "21 Nights" by Prince
  2. Book, Feature Story: The Evolution of Prince; Interview with photographer Randee St. Nicholas
  3. Sport: (Feature) Pummel This! Jersey City Roller Derby Team Grinds Up the Rink
  4. Music: Q&A w/ Brian Setzer
  5. Music: Armor For Sleep
  6. Music: Neil Sedaka
  7. Music: Connie Francis
  8. Film: Review of Rob Greenberg's film Saturday Morning starring Joey Piscopo, Valerie R. Feingold and George Wendt
  9. Film: Feature story about Rob Greenberg's film Saturday Morning starring Joey Piscopo
  10. Film: Interview with Clive Owen for Shoot 'Em Up
  11. Film: Interview with Kal Penn for The Namesake
  12. Film: Interview with Cate Blanchett for Notes on a Scandal
  13. Film: Interview with Renee Zellweger for Miss Potter
  14. Film: Interview with Samuel Barnett for The History Boys
  15. Film: Interview with Penelope Cruz for Volver
  16. Film: Interview with Joey Lauren Adams for Come Ealry Morning
  17. Film: Interview with Catherine O'Hara for For Your Consideration
  18. Film: Interview with Sandra Bullock and Douglas McGrath for Infamous
  19. Film: Interview with Jason Statham for Crank
  20. Film: Kirsten Dunst on Growing Up in New Jersey, she stars in Marie Antoinette
  21. Film: Interview with Laurie Collyer for Sherrybaby
  22. Film: Interview, feature story on Anne Hathaway for Devil Wears Prada
  23. Film: Interview with Anne Hathaway for Devil Wears Prada and Brokeback Mountain
  24. Film: Interview with Salma Hayek for Ask the Dust
  25. Film: Feature for Our Brand is Crisis
  26. Film: Feature for On the Outs
  27. Film: Interview with Heath Ledger for Brokeback Mountain
  28. Film: Interview with Pierce Brosnan for The Matador
  29. Film: Interview with Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain
  30. Film: Interview with Elijah Wood & Liev Schreiber of Everything is Illuminated
  31. Film: Interview with Hope Davis of Weather Man
  32. Film: Interview with George Clooney for Good Night, and Good Luck.
  33. Film: Interview with Tom Arnold for The Kid and I
  34. Film: Interview with Peter Matkiwsky for The Bonnie Situation
  35. Film: Interview with Steve Buscemi for Lonesome Jim
  36. Film: Interview with Jessica Lange for Don't Come Knocking
  37. Film: Review of The Notorious Bettie Page
  38. Film: Review of The Matador
  39. Film: Review of The Memory Of A Killer
  40. Film: Review of Now & Forever
  41. Film: Review of Modigliani
  42. Film: Review of My Date with Drew
  43. Film: Rural Route Film Festival
  44. Theatre: Review of Steel Magnolias
  45. Theatre: Review of Glengarry Glen Ross
  46. Theatre: Review of Fathom
  47. Theatre: Review of My Pony's in the Garage
  48. Art: JC Rocks the Mic, Open-mic nights offer a stage for artists to expose their souls
  49. Art: Lex Effect
  50. Art: Club 57, where are you?
  51. Art: The High Line: Reborn into a City Park
  52. Art: A Few Portraits by Albert Watson
  53. TV: The Devlins' "Cranberry Christmas "
  54. TV: "The Simpsons" director Bob Anderson
  55. TV: 'Guiding Light' Star Surprises Clark Resident
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