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Now & Forever

by Christina M. Hinke
August 2005
Starring: Mia Kirshner; Adam Beach; Gordon Tootoosis; Theresa Russell; Gabriel Olds.

Bob Clark’s new wistful romantic drama of a love story, Now & Forever is a one hundred and eighty degree turn from his 1980’s flesh fest Porky’s. Set amidst picturesque panoramic Saskatchewan landscapes in the fictional town of Spencer, the film tells a tale of John Myron’s (Adam Beach) secret love for his childhood friend Angela Wilson (Mia Kirshner). Angela is consumed by her desire to escape from the small town and detach herself from rumors of her mother’s loose lifestyle even though by doing so she will leave behind her close friendship with John. As John and Angela face troubled times, Ghost Fox (Gordon Tootoosis), John’s father and member of the Cree tribe, guides them along a spiritual path to help them find inner peace.

Now & Forever entered the film festival circuit in 2002 and came away with six awards. Mia Kirshner (see her in De Palma’s upcoming film Black Dahlia) demonstrates her impeccable acting range as she portrays Angela's journey from the troubles of teenage angst, to her innocent aspirations to become an actress to the realizations of maturity. Adam Beach (Smoke Signals) charmingly plays John, a Cree Indian, whose undying love for Angela, plus his unrelenting aim to protect her from her rogue boyfriend, T.J., has the audience rooting for him to get the girl. Tootoosis’ ability to breathe life into his part as a concerned, tender and intuitive male role model captivates the audience.

With its romantic tale of love and a storybook ending, Now & Forever is a little like a movie of the week, but it is definitely the type of movie to watch with a date or with the girls.

Now & Forever was directed by Bob Clark. The screenwriter was Bill Boyle. It runs for 101 minutes and it not rated.

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