Christina M. Hinke



McKettrick's Heart

Reviewed by Christina M. Hinke
Publishers Weekly
Linda Lael Miller

In the third and final act of her contemporary McKettrick romances, Miller (McKettrick's Pride) is at her steamiest. Ladies' man Keegan McKettrick has sworn off love following his divorce, but saucy newcomer Molly Shields may just be the woman to change his mind—even if, at first, she stirs up only resentment. The "other woman" to Keegan's longtime friend Psyche Ryan, Molly conceived a child with Psyche's now-dead husband two years ago, and reluctantly turned the baby over to him and Psyche after the birth. Now, suffering from terminal cancer, Psyche asks Molly if she'll raise the toddler. Molly is overjoyed to be reunited with her son, but less than thrilled over Psyche's conditions: Molly must raise the child in Indian Rock, Ariz.—meaning the end of Molly's successful L.A. literary agency—and she must share parenting duties with the stubborn, forceful Keegan, who's convinced that Molly harbors sinister motives. The complex, conflicting dynamics in this artificially extended clan make for high drama, spiked with intense romance, as Keegan and Molly slowly break down each other's defenses. This should delight any fan of family-centric romance, and followers of the McKettricks will be pleased to find Miller corralling all the series' characters together and tying up all their loose ends with grace and conviction. (Apr.)

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