Christina M. Hinke


Published in the Gateway Guide, a travel magazine. (Click on link below to read story)


Antiquing through New Jersey
The Garden State is dotted with distinctive towns touting great antiques shops, auctions, flea markets and fairs

Fall 2006


by Christina M. Hinke
for Gateway Guide

A shopper spots a beautiful white porcelain compote and excitedly shouts to her husband, "Wait, wait, wait, I didn't see this!" They are words so often said when rummaging through antique shops for long-lost treasures. For some, antiquing is a passion; for others it is a way to get lost in a bygone era for a short time. So hop in your car and wander through some of our state's antiquing wonders.

Chester, Long Valley and Morristown

Driving west along Route 24, the easy country road flickers with sunlight filtered through the lush green trees overhanging the passageway to historic Chester, established in the early 1700s. (read more)


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