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Meet the Annas

Reviewed by Christina M. Hinke
Publishers Weekly
Robert Dunn

A lawsuit over rights to a suddenly popular 1960s ditty fuels a lively rock and roll nostalgia trip in Dunn's latest "musical novel." Songwriter Dink Stephenson, his partner, Princess Diamond, and producer, Punky Solomon, engineered the mid-'60s success of New York "bad girl" trio the Annas, fronted by the mega-sexy, beehived and heavily mascara'd Anna Dubower. The Annas score two #1 hits, but their time at the top is cut short by the British Invasion. The band's fate is sealed when Anna suddenly and mysteriously dies three months after comeback single "Love Will Cut You Like a Knife" flops. Thirty years later, the song is hot on television and movie soundtracks, and narrator Dink sues Punky and one of Punky's shady associates over song rights. As the lawsuit progresses, Dink, who carried a giant torch for Anna back in the day, investigates Anna's death and turns up a few surprises. Dunn (Pink Cadillac; Soul Cavalcade) writes great entertainment. Fans of towering beehives and classic hip-swaying, harmony-driven pop will definitely want to take a look. (June)

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